Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows represent a perfect choice for those looking to replace windows in multi-storey buildings or in areas where space is limited. This type of window offers homeowners a highly versatile and flexible solution, allowing them to enjoy several key benefits. One of the foremost advantages is the secure ventilation they provide. This feature is particularly appreciated as it enables fresh air to circulate freely without compromising the safety of the home. Additionally, these windows are designed to be easy to clean, a convenience that homeowners value greatly. The ability to tilt the window inwards means that cleaning the exterior surface can be done safely and effortlessly from inside the building, eliminating the need for dangerous ladder work or the expense of hiring professional window cleaners.

Furthermore, tilt and turn windows serve an important function as an effective fire escape. The design allows the window to be either tilted inwards for ventilation or fully opened inwards, providing a significant exit route in case of emergencies. This dual functionality not only enhances the practicality of these windows but also contributes to the overall safety of the dwelling. The option to fully open the window inwards is especially beneficial in situations where quick evacuation may be necessary, offering peace of mind to homeowners who are concerned about emergency preparedness.

In summary, the introduction of tilt and turn windows into a home not only modernizes the space with their sleek design but also brings a multitude of functional benefits. From providing secure and controllable ventilation, facilitating easy cleaning, to doubling as an effective means of escape during emergencies, the advantages of opting for tilt and turn windows are clear. They are an especially prudent choice for homeowners in multi-storey buildings or those dealing with space restrictions, where the unique features of these windows can be fully utilized to enhance comfort, convenience, and safety.

Tilt And Turn Windows FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Installing either double or triple-glazed windows can lead to savings on energy costs. Yet, due to their multiple locking points, tilt and turn windows might be more efficient in conserving energy than casement windows. Additionally, they are simpler to clean and maintain.

Tilt and turn windows usually cost more than other types of windows, like casement windows, because they have more complicated operating systems and locking mechanisms. Nevertheless, they remain cheaper than window styles such as sash windows, bay windows, and bow windows.

Rotating the handle 90 degrees enables the window to open slightly, creating a tilt for ventilation. Rotating it 180 degrees from the closed position fully opens the window into the room.

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